Great job with the Spaghetti Dinner Barbara Morris, Interactors, Rotarians and family members. The dinner was a great success, lots of fun for everyone and raised funds for Rotary scholarships and youth projects.
TGIF!!!  First of all I want to thank all the Rotarians that sent me emails commending me on a job well done. I hate to admit it, but some of you made me blush....yes I said goes to prove I am human after all. However all the accolades does not belong to me was a Team effort.....
I don't know if all of you knew it or not, but the day before, I received 4 emails from Rotarians that could not fulfill their obligations due to sickness or job related....So for those that realized I was stressed before as we were shorthanded to begin with...just imagined how I felt.  I said prayers for my Rotarians brothers and sisters that could not make it due to I hope they are all on the road to a speedy recovery.
Now for the Accolades-
Kitchen- Jerry, Jack, Malcolm and Steve....not only was there enough spaghetti, and the sauce was Delicous and the salad Crisp. You guys keep the Dinners coming for the Diners and the Take Outs....Job Well Done and Appreciated!!!
Juanita- Waiters and Waitresses- Dee, Jack, Brandon, Michelle, Wayne and Martha. I would be remiss if I did not mention the Students that helped...they where spectacular. Last year they were like bumps on a log....this year..they had that special talent....they smiled and were socialable to our guest and they all worked hard.
I also would like to mention Beatrice, Juanita's youngest daughter that was there....she helped putting the Salad in the Take Out section and I heard she did an Excellent Job!
Our Maître d'- Brent did an amazing job escorting our guest to their tables, giviving the gifts to the children...and looking ever so handsome. Thank You.
Dave and Sue Werner....Dave at the Back door complaining about his  boutonnière was selling the 50/50; while his charming wife was the Hostess at the back door.  Again job well done. I also would like to mention they have a beautiful family... I gave his granddaughters ribbons with the Italian Flag beads...for their hair....and Dave told me they will get his  boutonnière . LOL!!! Again Thank you both.
I had Larry at the front door, he stepped in at the last minute to sell the 50/50's...again Accolades are in order......I beleive the winner received $150.00 +  thanks to Dave and Larry's efforts......
Tammi, Dee and Sandy- The Baskets, Surprise Raffles and Donations.... Well without Sandy's efforts getting Donations from the Vendors that support us...we would not have had some of the things that were raffled off. Dee and Tammi..what can I say....the Baskets were Beautiful and well thought out....You Ladies are the GREATEST!!!
At this time I would like to say Thank You to a person I call "My Angel"... no not Dennis...but Steve. It was his idea for the Surprise Raffles..selling an incredible amount of tickets, plus switched his job from waiter to help in the Kitchen, then the tearing down and cleaning up and staying until everything was secured.... My Sincere Thanks!!!
Michelle, who was running all over town..all her efforts does not go unnoticed...storing all our things at the Y and bring them to the K of C....running to Glaziers...helping with what ever need attention.... Her sons, Hans....I think I confused...I told him he was "Italian" as I pinned his Bow Tie on...and her oldest Guthrie...he is a picture of his mother. Again I feel as I am being repetive...but I can not say Thank You enough for all that you do.
Ben and his Grandson- I didn't recognize Ben when he approached me outside putting the banners up...He didn't have his mustache... and his grandson.. they were both instrumental in helping to set up and put up all the decorations exactly where I envisioned they should go...WOW!!!! Little things mean a Ben helped Tami with the Baskets. and Special Raffle... Gratzie Tante!
Carol and Babs- with their assistants Sherry and her helper Jessica Rivers, Todd, and Rick and Nate...They set up the Take out, tore down the take out, made sure all the orders were taken and delivered to their customers. I beleive they had approximately 200 take outs.....Babs and Todd purchased the cookies for the take out. Carol help to set up and tear down the Dinning room with Rick and Nate, and to reset the Dinning Room the same way we found it....again a Family effort....again Kudos!!!!
Brian and Bryon....the two guys that have the most important job. They sell the tickets at the door and take the money...... then they account for all the money....Plus telling our guest about the 50/50 and Baskets....making sure that they advised them to put their names and phone numbers for the "Surprise Raffles." Job Well Done.....Gratzie.....
Bob and Kevin- The two guys that had one of the hardest jobs....KP... Don't think things go unnoticed....Kevin was standing in one spot all night, just waiting for the waiters and waitress to bring him the dirty dishes. Bob who made sure the signage was put up at the K of C early in the morning...and scrubbing the pots and whatever....You guys are the GREATEST!!!!
Keith- Debbi's husband and his helper....they dished Ice Cream and put the Italian Flags to top off the deserts.....Actually that is a hard job...did you ever try to scoop ice cream for over 200 people... but they did an exceptional job.....remember the ice is cold...and is firm.....but...they managed to give all our guest a treat....and we did not run out of Ice Cream as we did last year. Again Thanks........
Nancy- Even though she could not be there in person, she donated all the Rolls, Creamers and Butter....What can I say....she keeps me within my I can spend on making things "pretty" and giving it the true meaning of an "Italian Family Affair". From the botton of my heart Gratzie Mille!!!
Chris- She worked behind the scenes with the tickets and posters and helped with the Public Relations with Martha...Ladies a Job well done.....
Kelly- You and Sandy made the Artist Basket. It was a Big hit with the Children and Adults, as well....Just wanted you to know the two of you were missed........
Others that I want to say Thank You to....Brandon's daughter, Isabella...for her enthusiasm..even after she picked her father's name..for the Malone Golf Basket.
For My Grandson Manny- the DJ of Phat 'n Slim...He is a Great DJ and has helped to add Class to our Affair....He donates his time for us, and just want him to know, it does not go unnoticed. I love You. Nana
For the Wonderful Guy I married for all that he puts up with behind the scenes...he will finally get his dining room table back...some time soon...he was Johnny on the Spot....wherever he was needed, he was there...he made sure everthing went I said in the was a TEAM EFFORT and we have a WINNING TEAM!!!
From the Bottom of my Heart....Thank you all for whatever you did either the night of the Dinner or Pre Dinner....I Appreciate it from the Bottom of my Heart......
Barbara J. Morris
Chair Lady